As White Deer Studio’s award-winning portrait and lifestyle photographer, Gladys Marietti’s work focuses on the genuine love expressed within family connections and generational relationships. Her mission—helping people celebrate their lives through keepsake portraits that families will enjoy now and generations will hold close to their hearts forever. Her unique talent—capturing the laughter of family and the sun-kissed, golden days of childhood. Her promise to you—to create an environment where everyone has fun and feels comfortable being photographed. Gladys enjoys mentoring other photographers and is a member of the Arizona Professional Photographers Association (AzPPA) which promotes the highest standards of professionalism. 

Why White Deer Studio?

A golden evening in a Michigan forest…the time where I first saw the White Deer - Rare, Unique and Beautiful. She stopped to look at me for a brief moment, then scampered away into the mystery of the surrounding trees. Would I ever see her again? Just once, and this time I was prepared with my camera. I was hopeful and oh, so excited! And when the White Deer appeared, I captured her image for all time.

I still feel like that every time I photograph people like YOU – how unique you are, what a gift you are to the world, and I am so excited to capture your moment in time!

I invite you to a personal portrait session with me, it will change the way you see yourself! 

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